February 19, 2017

Linux Top 3: Arch Anywhere, Bitkey and Vinux

From Arch to bitcoin to a Linux distribution to help those that are visually challenged.

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Linux Top 3: Parted Magic, Quirky and Ultimate Edition

New Parted Magic 2017_01_08,  Quirky 8.1.6 and Ultimate Edition 5.1 Linux distributions debut

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Linux Top 3: Solus, KaOS and Arch Linux update for 2017

Rolling releases roll forward for the new year.

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Linux Top 3: Guix, Parrot Security and OpenMandriva Lx

2016 is not done yet, as new Linux distributions debut to round out the year.

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Linux 4.9 Roars as Largest Linux Release Ever

The 'Roaring Lionus' Linux 4.9 release is Linus Torvalds final release of 2016 and could well be the last in the 4.x series too with Linux 5.x likely in 2017.

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