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Creating a New Kind of Conference

  • September 18, 2003
  • By Brian Proffitt

LinuxPlanet: What parts of the program are you most excited about?

maddog: I am equally excited about all aspects of it.

As a technical person who has been in the computer industry for thirty-five years, I understand the technical issues of having diverse operating systems that you have to manage. I think we cover both the systems administration aspect and the creation of multi-platform applications fairly well, yet from a level that will not bog down the technical manager.

As a business person (fifteen years at Digital Equipment and other companies managing business issues), I understand ROI, and how decisions are sometimes based on how much time it takes to recover that investment, no matter how good the idea is. I also know that most of the current Total Cost of Ownership models should be the Total Cost of Bogusness model, and hope that my speakers may address some of those issues.

LinuxPlanet: The conference site in Washington is intended to attract more government attendees. How do you think governments can be introduced to Linux in a way that will encourage adoption? Do you think legislation is the answer? Or something else?

maddog: I normally do not like government regulation. I think the more that government tries to regulate business with regulations, the more they screw it up. This is not an anti-government statement, just that business is so complex and so rapidly changing, that to have government regulations interfere except in the most extreme cases is bad.

Having said that, government has to set the standards for its own needs, just as any business does. Therefore, government (whether state or federal) just like the enterprise, must know why Linux and FOSS could help them:

  • save money
  • great better products and services
  • create more local, high-tech, white collar jobs
  • be more flexible, and react faster

than closed-source, proprietary software. We hope to state the reasons for this in terms that both the businessman, the government official and the educator can embrace.

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