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Guide Gets Readers Away From Windows Gotchas - page 5


  • September 8, 2005
  • By Ibrahim Haddad
Looking at the book itself, the chapters progress easily through starting the live CD, getting on the net, using the KDE GUI, and then on to all the popular applications. One surprising addition is a complete tutorial on data encryption to keep your files safe from prying eyes.

I don't know of any other introductory book that covers this important material. Chapter 9 has lots of great information, including how to make a backup copy of a movie DVD. The final chapter (deliberately deferred to the end) covers installing the Live CD to the hard drive. Six appendices have troubleshooting information, what to do with balky device drivers, an extended tutorial on using the command line, and more.

Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux is original, quirky, fun, and packed with helpful information that just isn't found anywhere else in other books or on the web. People crave originality in books, and this one has it in spades. If you a new-to-intermediate Linux user, you'd do well to check this book out.

Book Information

Title: Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux(R)
Paperback: 640 pages
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR; Bk&CD-Rom edition (August 8, 2005)
Language: English
Cover price: $39.99
ISBN: 0-13-187284-2

Biography of Peter van der Linden

Peter van der Linden is one of the world's foremost computer book authors. His books include Expert C Programming, Just Java, and the latest Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux, describing the popular operating system for which Microsoft Windows is an alternative.

He's been in the computer industry for more than twenty-five years, working as a software developer for companies ranging from start-ups to Apple and Sun Microsystems. At Sun van der Linden led the Solaris port to the first sub-$1000 workstation, the Sun Blade 100. He has designed and programmed systems in Europe and on both coasts of the USA.

van der Linden is currently working in Silicon Valley California as a software consultant who specializes in Linux and open source software. A graduate of Yale, van der Linden is also author of The Official Handbook of Practical Jokes (NAL-Penguin, 1991).

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