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Interview with Sensei of Linuxnewbie - page 2

Sensei on the web

  • September 2, 1999
  • By James Andrews

Linuxplanet: Mandrake won a lot of awards at the recent linuxworld expo. What do you think will be the "next big thing" as products go?


The next big thing? Well, I still see Mandrake exploding for quite some time. The two biggest distributions I see getting exposure from the newbies (this is based by the responses on my website) are Mandrake and Redhat (third being Caldera 2.2). However, once Corel's distribution hits the streets I think it's going to be the next big player. I'm interested in trying out others such as Stormix, the Debian-based distribution.

Linuxplanet: Since the RedHat IPO do you think people take Linux more seriously? Is it less of a geek thing?


Hype with a capital H. Linux is the hottest thing around now. Tons of investment types talk about Redhat this and Redhat that. You mention Linux and they do backflips. The Redhat IPO I think really put Linux on the map for the everyday Joe. Linux is definitely less of a geek thing now. However, not to the people I work with, they still think I'm a geek :).

Linuxplanet: Do you think the "open source" model that Linux uses is especially suited to the way that the Net has developed in recent years? I mean in the way that it is designed to allow random arbitary people to exchange their thoughts and ideas. There is no discrimination on the Net over who orginates content, unlike traditional broadcast media.


That question may lead people to think I'm a developer for Linux. I want to make it clear that I am not a developer/programmer for Linux--I just perpetuate its overall "goodness".

With that said, the internet gave "the people" the power that has been missing, from the years of conditioning we have all been exposed to by traditional media outlets. We can now have the outlets of choice and not be funneled into paths chosen by "big brother" :). If we use Slashdot or the news on my site, as an example, then you can see the people have power in what news is being shown. If enough people submit certain news tidbits to either one of us we'll post it. Not so with traditional media---they make the decisions. With us, we listen to the people and communication is only an email away. "Power to the people." :-)

Linuxplanet: A lot of analysts say that within 5 years or so most Net users will be using small hand-held machines or accessing the web as part of a TV or home entertainment system. Do you think that the hardware move onto these types of devices will leave Linux behind?


Obviously as technology gets better things usually get smaller, faster, and more efficient :). Hey, I love gadgets so I hope everyone will have a Dick Tracy watch by 2001 :). No, I don't think Linux will be stepped over; in fact, I see Linux in every home controlling security systems, lights, heat/ac system, etc. The home of the future will run Linux IMHO.

That is if Linux gets better GUI interfaces. Linux has the power to do whatever we want to use it for, but not the ease of use--yet. I see a blend of something like BeOS and Linux to run our home.

Linuxplanet: Heh, have you tried using X10 yet to control your video? No? Any questions for me?


Don't know if I asked you yet...are you going to the ALS in Atlanta? --big hike from the UK. If not, will linuxplanet.com be there?


Let me know and we can meet up or you can stop by my booth :).

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