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The Linux Engine - Search Here

  • August 26, 1999
  • By James Andrews /~michaelburns/
"The purpose of this page is to get you up and running with Linux with as little pain as possible".
http://home.sol.n o/~corderud/linux/lxnewbie.html
The unofficial ex MS-DOS user and LINUX newbie FAQ.
Some links, some original material.
Linux information for MS Windows users.
Top 7 Linux Newbie Questions from people who previously used MS Windows.
Intro to linux page.
http://sunsite.unc. edu/LDP/Linux-HOWTOs.tar.gz
All of the latest versions of the HOWTOs in case your distribution copies are out of date. tar zxf Linux-HOWTOs.tar.gz to unpack it once you have got it. For a index of the htmlized versions, go back a couple of pages in this article.
"This site is directed towards the newer Linux users who are looking specifically for the most user-friendly, FREE apps out there. "
"Linux in Business" case studies page. Discover how other people are using Linux in commerical environments.
Huge guide to Linux software (applications, systems software and more) on the web.
Book reviews, vendor list and more.
Large (2.5k+ URLs) Linux software finder.
Multilingual Linux magazine.
" is 'the place' for people that are transitioning to Linux from Windows and are having a hard time learning how to operate, install and get around the OS".
Has a handy "newbie links" section and Linux vs. NT section.
Comparing Linux with other operating systems.
Lots of NewbieLinks.
Articles of interest to people new to linux..lots of them!
'Primer' for Linux.
Locate RedHat programs, fast!

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