December 17, 2018

HP Openmail available

Free version will also be available

  • October 7, 1999
  • By James Andrews

HP Openmail, perhaps best known as the winner of the "top product" at the San Jose Linux Expo 99, is now available as a fully supported product from Hewlett Packard as of the 8th of October. As well as offering a version with full support, it is also giving away free licenses for up to 50 users per site.

Openmail is, according to HP, designed for large enterprises. It also hopes that ISPs looking to provide a more up-market email offering will provider it as a value-added product. This is perhaps one the reasons for a Linux port, as ISPs use Linux extensively. Openmail offers compatability with Microsoft Outlook as well as standard Internet mail services.

Although there are no plans to offer full source code, HP does say that the GUI client for Linux will be released in an open source form.

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