December 16, 2018

IBM Bakes Up a Big Batch of 'Express' Offerings - page 3

I Knew You Were Coming...

  • November 3, 2003
  • By Patricia Fusco
Medium-sized enterprises are looking beyond their own business processes to see where integration with their suppliers, partners and customers can help fulfill their business objectives. IBM market research indicates medium business spending on integration is growing faster than the market as a whole, and more than half of midsize companies are making investments in integration. As a result, IBM is taking back share in the mid-market. IBM financial reports indicate that the company grew its SMB revenue by six percent in the first quarter of this year, nine percent in the second quarter, and nearly 17 percent in the third. However, IBM is not making these gains alone.

More than 100 ISVs worldwide have joined IBM's ISV Advantage initiative, a significant milestone for the company that relies on its partners to deliver integrated solutions to the mid-market. As a key delivery channel for IBM's Express product portfolio, ISV Advantage is designed to help smaller software vendors increase their revenue opportunities and grow market share on IBM middleware by providing extensive technical, marketing and sales support.

The latest group of ISVs to join the ISV Advantage initiative include: ACCPAC, Ascendant Technology, hybris, and GridNode, among others. ISVs that enable their applications on IBM's infrastructure software can provide medium-sized businesses with solutions that span multiple computing platforms, including Linux, an approach that contrasts with other proprietary software systems.

Currently, more than half of the ISV Advantage participants are actively supporting IBM's software running on Linux. This is particularly important to the mid-market, which has a definitive taste for Linux-based systems. Thompson said 35 percent of medium-sized businesses prefer Linux for its security, reliability, and flexibility. With Linux as a critical ingredient in IBM's portfolio of Express offerings, mid-sized businesses can have their cake and eat it, too.

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