December 16, 2018

Progeny Announces Red Hat Support, Open Source Project Platform

Breathing New Life into Red Hat, Open Source

  • December 3, 2003
  • By Brian Proffitt

After the Thanksgiving holiday, some companies would still be in recovery mode. But Progeny staffers have shifted into high gear with the release of two new services for business customers and developers: support for end-of-life Red Hat releases and a new Web site designed to manage ongoing open source projects.

The Red Hat service, announced today, will provide software updates and transition services for Red Hat Linux 7.2 and 7.3 users as part of Progeny's Platform Services, starting on January 1, 2004. Progeny will make software patches available via a software repository or through Novell's Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise 2.0.

This service is not intended to replace migration plans for Red Hat users--it simply gives them some breathing room.

"Many businesses have customized Red Hat Linux 7.2 or 7.3," commented Progeny CEO Garth Dickey. "This update service will allow those businesses to transition to a new platform on their own timetable. Progeny creates and maintains custom Linux platforms; it's a natural extension for us to provide these updates." Novell, who will be working with Progeny for the patch deliveries, seems to agree.

"Businesses that rely on these Red Hat Linux platforms need time and flexibility for an orderly migration to a new platform," noted Alan Nugent, CTO of Novell.

Subscribers will be able to access the patches containing security updates for Red Hat Linux 7.2 and 7.3. They will be notified of the patches' availability as needed.

This service does come at a monetary price. Progeny is tagging this service at US$5 per machine per month or a flat rate of US$2,500 per month for unlimited machines.

Information on this service can be found at transition.progeny.com.

Another Web site will be the new home of Progeny's other new offering: an open source project management platform that will house projects designed to further the development of Linux. Initially, those projects lean towards the Debian-based--no surprise, given that Progeny was founded by Debian creator Ian Murdock.

Murdock, who is Progeny's Chairman and Chief Strategist, helped launch the new project site, platform.progeny.com on Monday. In his announcement, he detailed the first set of projects hosted at the site.

"Initially, we have five projects hosted at platform.progeny.com: a port of Anaconda to Debian; an APT testbed, primarily focused on the convergence of APT and the various APT-derived projects (APT-RPM, apt4rpm, etc.); the configlets interface to Debian's debconf configuration framework (initially a part of Progeny Debian); the Discover hardware detection framework (also initially a part of Progeny Debian); and a current snapshot of our work to help Debian achieve LSB compliance and certification," Murdock stated in the announcement.

Don't expect the Debian flavor of this site to remain for long. This site is just one part of Progeny's overall goal to unify the technology found between Linux distributions.

"It is an explicit goal of ours to bring down all the walls that have traditionally divided the Linux distributions into separate, incompatible camps, and these projects are just the initial steps toward that grand goal," Murdock stated, "Likely next steps include helping bridge the gap between the Debian and RPM package formats and helping create or further a distribution-neutral configuration framework."

One of the extra features Murdock was pleased to announce was the inclusion of weblogs at platform.progeny.com. In his opinion, this form of direct communication will allow developers and users to get a better feel for the thinking behind the projects hosted at the site.

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