December 17, 2018

IBM, Canonical Set to Release DB2 9 For Linux--For Dapper

Longer Support the Key

  • April 12, 2007
  • By Brian Proffitt

If you thought old releases of Linux were just going to passively lie and wait for the end of their maintenance cycle, think again. Canonical Ltd., the commercial driving force behind the Ubuntu distribution, is planning to announce April 13 that users of its 6.06 LTS release will be able to download and deploy IBM's DB2 version 9.

This is a departure from the usual method of releasing software for the latest and greatest version of a given operating system--made all the more unusual by the fact that one week from today is the planned release of Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty Fawn, a full two releases past 6.06 LTS.

But it's that LTS that makes the difference: "Long-Term Support," a version of Ubuntu where Canonical extends its normal 18-month free support cycle out to three years of available commercial support for desktop versions of Ubuntu and five years for Ubuntu server.

It's the longer commercial support for 6.06 LTS that made that version more preferable to deploy DB2 9, a spokesman for Canonical said.

While commercial support packages are available, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is freely available, including security updates on servers, with no restrictions on usage. Customers can now download and deploy DB2 9 for Linux from the commercial section of the Ubuntu repository, using Ubuntu's well-known streamlined installation process.

"Partnering with IBM enables us to combine the stability and ease-of-use of Ubuntu with IBM's leading database solution, ensuring enterprise customers get the fully supported low-cost and robust solution they demand." said Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu, in a statement to the press.

IBM added their own two cents: "Ubuntu Linux provides an open source, easy to use operating environment that complements IBM DB2 9," said Boris Bialek, director, IBM data servers partner program. "Today's announcement will allow developers to utillize enterprise class Viper data server technology to develop applications for customers who are deploying Ubuntu in their environments."

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