February 17, 2019

Oracle Claims #1 Enterprise Linux

Big Talk From Oracle

  • December 7, 2010
  • By Paul Rubens
Larry Ellison, the shy and retiring CEO of Oracle, claims that Oracle Unix is the #1 Unix, and soon Oracle Linux with be the dominant Linux.
Oracle is planning to take over the world. Or, at the very least, the server OS world. That's the logical conclusion to reach after hearing the recent comments of Larry Ellison, Oracle's bombastic CEO. "Solaris is clearly the No. 1 Unix, and we're working very hard at making Oracle Enterprise Linux the number one Linux," InfoWorld reported he said at a company event last week.

Being the "No. 1 Unix" is a deliberately vague claim, and it's perhaps not surprising that HP, for one, took issue with it. Noises from HP's UNIX camp are that there's been a steady flow of defections from Solaris to HP-UX, HP's own-label UNIX server OS, for some time, and it shows no signs of stopping.

As HP wrote in its response last week:

HP is the No. 1 provider of enterprise servers in the world ... Larry Ellison bought a money-losing business that had steady market share declines for years, and which still ranks at the bottom of the market. Customers aren't fooled by outdated benchmarks, no matter what Oracle says. HP's market share results prove it. Sun customers are running to HP in droves because they recognize we deliver superior technology, performance and pricing,

Clearly the state of uncertainty over the future of Sun for the past year or two contributed to these defections, but it looks like Oracle believes it is now ready to fight back with the new, beefed-up Solaris 11 UNIX server OS it was touting last week and which is slated for release some time next year.

According to John Fowler, Oracle's vice president of systems, Solaris 11 will be "a complete reworking..."

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