February 16, 2019

Dell Adopts Ubuntu Server

12,000 Active Deployments

  • February 4, 2011
  • By Sean Michael Kerner
Canonical reaches a major milestone as they make a deal for Dell's PowerEdge servers.
Ubuntu Linux vendor Canonical is expanding its cloud horizons this week, thanks to a new cloud partnership with Dell.

Dell will be making the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) technology available on Dell PowerEdge C2100 and PowerEdge C6100 servers. The UEC deal marks a major milestone for Ubuntu as it moves from Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) desktops to servers.

"It is the first offer that involves Ubuntu Server Edition at Dell," Nicolas Barcet, Ubuntu Server product manager, told InternetNews.com. "So it's a major step extending the strong relationship we have had on Ubuntu Desktop and Netbook editions.

UEC has been part of the Ubuntu Linux distro since the Jaunty Jackalope release in April 2009. Subsequent Ubuntu releases have further improved on the technology that is based on the open source Eucalyptus project. In April 2010, Ubuntu told InternetNews.com that it had 12,000 active deployments of UEC...Read the rest of Sean Kerner's Ubuntu story at Serverwatch.com

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