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Editor's Note: Spring is in the Air

2000: The Linux Explosion Continues

  • March 30, 2000
  • By Kevin Reichard

Spring is definitely in the air in Minnesota, where I live: the sun is bright, the temperature is 60 degrees, and the Minnesota Twins are ending spring training in anticipation of their season opener next Monday. (Yes, I will be there: section 133, row 12, seat 5.) This is the time of new beginnings; the Cubs and Mets have already opened their seasons in Japan, and shortly all major-league teams will have started their seasons.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a passion for both major-league and minor-league baseball (check out my personal Web site if you don't believe me), and this time of year I have a hard time keeping my mind on work. Usually in the spring I cut back on my work schedule and spend my time planning my summer travels to baseball stadiums far and wide.

Until this year, that is. My job--editing LinuxPlanet and overseeing the rest of the internet.com Linux/Open Source sites--puts me in the midst of the most exciting revolution ever in the computing field. While 1999 was a year of tremendous growth for Linux, this year should lead to even more as the mainstream embraces Linux. We're now seeing Linux grow both on the server side and the desktop. Linux is being deployed in clusters that rival traditional supercomputers, as well as in situations in the ASP market where Linux is by far the most affordable and robust operating system available. We're seeing a tremendous surge in Linux desktop deployment: many high-profile vendors are planning Linux versions of their desktop applications, and Corel has done a tremendous job in bringing both WordPerfect and WordPerfect Office to the desktop. The major Linux distributors are preparing new releases for the spring season, and I can hardly wait to install Red Hat Linux 6.2, SuSE 6.4, and TurboLinux 6.0 on my PCs.

Life is so good that I barely flinched when VMWare announced that it was getting into bed with the Black Widow of companies, Microsoft. (No one survives a mating dance with Microsoft; I am fearful for the future of VMWare.) Still, we're on the verge of a very exciting year: the winter doldrums are past, and the Linux world is once again gearing up with a slew of new and innovative products. I can't wait to see all the new goodies at Montreal's LinuxExpo and Chicago's Linux Business Expo in April.

Speaking of LBE: if you're going to be at the show (held in conjunction with COMDEX) and happen to be making a visit April 16 to the baseball shrine at Clark and Addison, you'll be able to find LinuxToday editor Paul Ferris and me in section 406, row 10, seats 101 and 102, quaffing a few Old Styles and participating in our own way in the national pastime. And no doubt spending more time discussing Linux than debating whether Sammy Sosa is a tremendously overrated player.

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