February 22, 2019

Rant Mode Equals One: Just Say No, Bill

Just What Part of "Guilty" Don't You Understand, Bill?

  • May 8, 2000
  • By Paul Ferris

It's getting desperate, folks. The latest wind out of Redmond, Washington, is coming right out of Bill Gates' mouth. Do I need to go over the trial history? Do I need to remind everyone that Microsoft has been convicted of anti-trust violation by a Federal Court Judge? Do I need to remind everyone not to open mail that has the words "I love you" in the subject?

No, I don't. Bill would like you to forget all of that, and now, opening his mouth, he's explaining that "Love Bugs'' of the future could be harder to protect against if Microsoft is split in two ...".

Wow, let me get this straight--Microsoft's power to make their system less susceptible to viruses is directly related to the connectivity between his application and operating-system people. Let me also infer what's being said: "Don't break up Microsoft--it's bad for the anti-viral defense of the country."

Give me a break already! Bill--Back away from the pipe, for crying out loud!.

Microsoft, a company that has spent the last five years ignoring warnings from the Department of Justice to back off on its monopolistic practices. Microsoft, a company that has built insecure methods that were the wrong choice for consumers into its products--but would make the products easier to use, therefore making those same consumers confuse harder-to-use software with inferior software.

A company that has blatantly squashed all competition, despite the protestations of many people in regards to how secure we would all be running exactly the same software.

A company that will not, in this age of increasing need for better security, acknowledge that their software development model is less secure than Open Source models. A company that attempts to cast itself as modern and quick to change, using an old style of software development with a proven track record of security holes, privacy-compromising mechanisms, and questionable back-door-like features.

A company that has had plenty of warning to clean up their client products from things like Melissa--yet has steadfastly refused to do the right thing--close the security holes by preventing auto-running of anything received in the mail.

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