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Glimpses of a Guy You'd Like to Know

  • January 31, 2001
  • By Dennis E. Powell

[On some PCMCIA cardbus implementations] Who makes those pieces of crap? And who buys them? I can understand it in embedded stuff simply because the chips are simpler and smaller, but in a laptop you should definitely try to avoid it.


ANYBODY who does driver development without taking the real world into account is a dangerous person. Stacks of papers, diagrams and rules are absolutely WORTHLESS if you can't just understand the fact that documentation is nothing more than a guideline.

Once you realize that documentation should be laughed at, peed upon, put on fire, and just ridiculed in general, THEN, and only then, have you reached the level where you can safely read it and try to use it to actually implement a driver.


If you have 512MB or RAM, you can probably afford another 40GB or so of harddisk. They are disgustingly cheap these days.


And if anybody else understands pirq routing, speak up. It's a black art.


I'm not worried about a certain class of features. I will predict, for example, that disk subsystems etc will continue to get smarter, to the point where most people will end up just buying a "file server" whenever they buy a disk. THOSE kinds of features are the obvious ones when you have devices that get smarter, and the kinds of features people are willing to pay for.

The things I find really doubtful is that somebody would be so silly as to make the low-level electrical protocol be anything but a simple direct point-to-point link. Shared buses just do not scale, and they also have some major problems with true high-performance GBps bandwidth. . . .

Just wait. My crystal ball is infallible.


Also, can people who have had unhappy relationships with their eepro100 please try to cuddle and make up again?

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