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gnotebook: Midnight Travels With Progeny - page 2

Failing hard drives, GNOMEish Configlets, and the Progeny Solution

  • April 13, 2001
  • By Michael Hall
So in the spirit of comradely mutual interest in each others' desktops of choice, LinuxPlanet's Dennis E. Powell and I will be trading environments for a week in the near future and writing up what we learn. We're still working on the details, but the broad strokes are these:
  • We'll give ourselves over to the other desktop for a solid week with no cheating or ducking out to do this thing or that in our favored environment
  • Where we currently use GNOME- or KDE-specific tools (like graphics viewers, audio players, or mail clients) we'll replace them with the other desktop's equivalent
  • Where we use a non-desktop-specific tool ordinarily (mutt's my primary e-mail client, for instance) we'll use it within the tools provided by the environment where possible (like running mutt from konsole instead of gnome-terminal.)
  • We'll provide each other with a "support second," who agrees to be available for the duration of our week-long experiment to answer questions, provide help, and generally be a helpful desktop guru.

Dennis has got some names lined up for me, but I'm at a bit of a loss at this point on who to appoint to Dennis, so this is a call for volunteers. Drop me mail offering up yourself or someone else, and provide a little information on the candidate's qualifications. It helps if you're pretty familiar not only with which things to click where to get this or that to happen, but with enough of the development background of the project to provide some insight when you get mail at three in the morning asking why anyone would ever decide to make a button do that. Think of this as your big chance to help put the GNOME world's best (g-shaped) foot forward in assistance of our quest to add to humanity's body of knowledge, build mutual tolerance and heal wounds. Or something.

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