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The StartX Files: A Little Housekeeping - page 2

SuSE 7.1, We Hardly Knew Ye...

  • June 25, 2001
  • By Brian Proffitt

If you have noted a bit of cheerleading on my part the last few weeks, it is not simply because I have been in an advocating mood (though that was certainly part of it). There was, I freely admit, a certain lack of direction in what I wanted to write about that. Let's all make a note of that, shall we? When Brian waxes philosophic, he is looking for something less abstract to write about.

Well, the looking is over for a while. For the next few weeks, the StartX Files will be reviewing and comparing X-oriented word processing applications.

I am making this announcement now for one very important reason: to intercept some of the "but you didn't mention..." comments I am sure to get. I want to give all of you word processing enthusiasts fair warning of what applications I am initially planning to cover in this "Word to the Wise Revisited" series. If you have any additional suggestions, please contact me or put it in the Talkbacks on Linux Today. No rude suggestions will be heeded, so don't get all hyper if you don't see the Greatest Word Processor Ever on this list. I am not (as many people are continually reminding me) omniscient.

The list is:

  • AbiWord
  • Applix Words
  • Go
  • GWP
  • Hancom Word
  • KLyX
  • kWords
  • Maxwell
  • Siaq Office
  • StarOffice
  • Ted
  • WordPerfect

If I missed on that you think should be in this list, speak now, or forever clam up. And no text editors, either! The series will start next week and will run alphabetically. At the end of the series will be a roundup and comparison of what I think are the best applications in terms of overall features, home- and business-desktop use. I encourage active debate on these applications, because I think the developers will ultimately benefit from the feedback.

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