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The New Breed of Expo Attendee

  • January 26, 2003
  • By Brian Proffitt

I got to the SGI briefing early, trying to keep on top of a brutal briefing schedule Thursday afternoon. They were still eating their lunches, but we went ahead anyway.

The SGI crew was still flush from winning the Best of Show award on the previous day for their 64-way supercluster machine, the Altix 3000. It was a bit of a surprise for them, considering that the Mountain View, California company really was not expecting such a response from the Linux community.

Since the Altix 3000 had been officially released a couple of weeks ago, the company's new news was the expansion of their Global Developer Program to include developers for the Linux-only Altix product line. This not only gets SGI acess to more Linux developers, but it also widens the pathway from SGI's 64-bit kernel improvements back to the main branches of Linux kernel development.

The new program is being pushed by SGI as just one more way SGI contributes to the open source community--something that their critics argue SGI hasn't done enough of.

SGI's very presence at this show seems to counter that notion. According to Jan Silverman, Sr. VP of Marketing at SGI, the decision to come to LinuxWorld was made soon after the finalized launch date for the Altix 3000 was decided.

But SGI did not really come to LinuxWorld expecting to meet new customers. They have said all along that like their IRIX machines, the Linux-based Altix line would still be marketed to their core customer industries, such as defense, scientific, and graphics.

"We just wanted to show it to that community," Silverman explained, "not just our customer base." Silverman credited a lot of what the open source community had done for getting Linux on the Altix product, and this was SGI's chance to show the community what they'd helped with.

Judging from the response of this show's community, they were very pleased with the end results.

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