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The New Breed of Expo Attendee

  • January 26, 2003
  • By Brian Proffitt

You're going to (or have already) read a few wrap-up stories about this LinuxWorld Expo, and their all pretty much going to say the same thing: this was the most business-oriented show yet.

There's no disputing that.

While no official attendance numbers have crossed my path, many told me that the recent InternetWorld would have killed to have that many people. And it certainly seemed crowded this time around.

There was a strong developer/geek contingent at the show and the .Org Pavillion was very crowded whenever I was passing through. But I could not help but be suspicious about the placement of the booths--right next to the front entrance to the exhibition hall. Like impulse items in a grocery store, it was a less-than-subtle effort to keep the kids and non-corporate types up front and away from the corporate traffic in the rest of the hall.

If that sounds rather cynical, you haven't been talking to a show organizer lately. My suspicions were confirmed when I flew back home Friday and spoke to some booth people in the airport whom I knew had been near the back: they noticed a sharp decrease in non-corporate traffic than in years past.

My evidence is anecdotal, of course, so take it as you'd like.

Is the lack of bean-bag chairs a bad thing? Not for me, my bad back hates the things. But the corporate success of Linux seems to be driving away a little more of the fun of Linux every year.

Bad back or no, I will miss the bean-bag chairs.

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