April 24, 2019

When Will PCs Be Powerful Enough?

Web Apps on a Netbook? Get Real.

  • January 6, 2010
  • By Carla Schroder
As the years went by, hardware advanced rapidly. Power went up, prices came down. But software was always a bit ahead, so we spent a fair bit of time waiting for something to happen even on the latest and greatest machines.

Fast-forward to now, and a quick specs comparison: My newest PC has 4 gigabytes RAM, dual-core CPU, terabytes of hard drive storage, good PCIe graphics card, and onboard everything. It should handle all tasks with ease. And yet, I still experience that familiar click-and-wait syndrome.

This happens the most Web-surfing. It's still the world-wide-wait. Click, wait. Click, wait. You know why Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest of those fun sites that bosses hate are so successful? Because people have to fill all that waiting time somehow. They're just sitting there, waiting on their computers. It's not enough time to do something productive, but it is enough time to Tweet....

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