February 16, 2019

Eight GNOME Flaws (and How to Fix Them)

  • June 8, 2010
  • By Matt Hartley
Not too long back, I highlighted my feelings on KDE, detailing some of its shortcomings and talking about why it�s not necessarily the de facto desktop I�d recommend to people.

In this piece, I want to show you that the GNOME desktop has a number of issues that need attention as well. I�ll outline eight areas in GNOME that need to be improved for a better user experience.

1)Why Nautilus?

Seriously, why is GNOME relying on this bloated file manager when it could instead be taking notes from the design of XFCE's Thunar file manager instead? Having used both file managers, I find that Thunar's performance is much less intense and provides everything I could ever want without the extra resource overhead.

2) Applications almost always are gray.

Despite KDE providing "options overkill," GNOME's simplicity may be a little too...simple. I love the simplicity of the desktop at its core, but the appearance of the applications can be a real downer. While I can theme my desktop easily enough, why not allow me to theme Evolution or other GTK-based applications running on the GNOME desktop? I believe that having access to cleaner menus and more color choices doesn't really seem like all that much to ask for on the GNOME desktop.

3) Panels appear unstable.

The GNOME panels are not normally so bad at first, but I have had instances where my CPU throttling applet would not load right and instead displays a gray box where the applet should otherwise appear. On other occasions, one of the GNOME panels might simply crash and find itself having to automatically restart itself. Not a deal breaking issue per se, but...

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