March 20, 2019

Is Google Chrome Really the Windows Killer, or the Linux Killer?

Is Chrome Really Linux?

  • July 12, 2010
  • By Matt Hartley
Matt Hartley

Since late 2009, talk of how Google's Chrome OS is being positioned to "take on" Microsoft Windows has been promoted by individuals who I believe have no idea what they're talking about.

By Google's own admission, Chrome OS is being designed for near exclusive use on netbook computers, due to its minimalist nature. And as we know, netbooks make up a small piece of the collective PC market. This clearly leaves out of desktops and laptops, which will remain dominated by the Windows OS (near term, at least).

This leads us to consider that Microsoft's Windows OS is not the target for Google after all. So the next line of thought leads us to wonder if perhaps Chrome OS is being created to take on something closer to its own design ��� for instance, Ubuntu Linux?

Or perhaps instead there���s yet another alternative target that Google has yet to reveal?

In this article I���ll explore all these possibilities and share some of my own thoughts as I see the future of Chrome OS moving forward. I will discuss how Ubuntu, Windows and yes, even OS X might play into Google's long term game plan.

Is Chrome OS Linux or not?

In order for there to be a any correlation between Ubuntu and Chrome OS, we need to determine how similar Linux and Chrome OS actually are...

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