February 23, 2019

Why Use Linux? Really-- Why?

Some Real Reasons to Use Linux

  • January 6, 2011
  • By Matt Hartley
Every week tech news is full of recycled articles on reasons to use Linux. They don't bring anything new or useful to the discussion-- So what are some real reasons for you to use Linux?
Why are you using Linux on your desktop?

Before answering this question, consider the advantages and disadvantages and then come back full circle to your own motivation for using Linux. Nearly every week, I find my news feeds filled with the usual generic articles describing rather vanilla reasons for using Linux on the desktop.

Why do I have a problem with this? Perhaps because the reasons often being shared are just echoes of other opinions that clearly aren't that of the author. Instead, we are reading the thoughts and ideas of many articles since past.

Great platform for the wrong reason

Take, for example, promoting Linux as the malware-proof OS. Sorry to break this to you, but this doesn't exist. Or my personal favorite, Linux means you never need to upgrade your hardware.

Again, despite claims to the contrary, you get what you put into it from a hardware point of view if the tasks needed are CPU intensive. While there are distributions available that make running old hardware smooth as butter, this doesn't mean that all desktop environments are going to make that old Pentium II machine hum like a new PC.

The biggest issue I have with many ���switch to Linux��� articles is the ongoing pitch that the Linux desktop is a way to escape paying for software titles. This bothers me and here's why. First, many open source software applications used on the Linux desktop are available on Windows as well. So that argument quickly goes right out the window. Second, I think there's more to switching to the Linux desktop than merely saving a buck. What about the control and freedom from vendor lock-in? Isn't this of value?

Enough with the free stuff mentality. Let's consider the bigger picture as outlined below.

Free ride or freedom?

So what is my concern about making the switch to Linux in order to save money...Read the rest of Matt Hartley's Linux article on Datamation.com

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