February 21, 2019

No Linux For TV and Radio

Media bias or enterprise bias?

  • January 7, 2011
  • By Matt Hartley
Linux has carved a little slice of success for itself in nearly every industry, with the exception of television and streaming video. Why? Does it matter?
Linux has managed to carve a little slice of success for itself in nearly every industry. Well, with the exception of broadcast media that is.

While I���ve found some limited Linux presence in the broadcast radio industry, I've found that in the broadcast TV market, Linux software appears to be completely absent. It's almost like the broadcast media establishment doesn't realize that Linux exists as a viable alternative for many functions within a TV studio.

Now this isn't to say that Linux servers aren't being used, rather that there is a stunning lack of evidence that Linux on the desktop is being used within the industry as a whole.

Does this matter? I should say so -- and here's why.

Media bias or enterprise bias?

Here is where my grievance takes shape. Broadcast media seems to easily embrace overly commercialized brands for distribution of their content without any real consideration that there may be a more cost effective way to get things done.

Up until very recently, I could name three large media outlets that required you to use a Windows-powered browser to visit their websites...Read the rest of Matt Hartley's Linux in broadcast media story at Datamation.com

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