February 23, 2019

CRYPTOCard Introduces Key Fob and Palm Tokens with CRYPTOAdmin 4.1

Free of Charge for Red Hat Linux Users

  • November 22, 1999
  • By Kevin Reichard

CRYPTOCard announced its introduction of two new authentication tokens--the KF-1 Key Fob token and the PT-1 token for Palm handheld devices--with the next version of the company's token administration platform, CRYPTOAdmin 4.1. CRYPTOAdmin 4.1 features a new user interface and capabilities that enable easier administration for network security managers. It also includes CRYPTOAgent, which automates the log-on process in dial-up, ISDN, and telnet environments.

CRYPTOAdmin 4.1 is free of charge to Red Hat Linux 6.1 and CiscoSecure users.

Unlike other key chain-based authentication tokens, CRYPTOCard's KF-1 is a durable, steel-cased unit that offers PIN entry for activation. Only on activation does the KF-1 display the password, thereby eliminating the risks presented by systems that send the PIN in the clear across the network. Like CRYPTOCard's RB-1 token, the KF-1 uses dual replaceable batteries. It is therefore a one-time purchase, with no predetermined expiration date, providing customers with a significant value over competing alternatives.

The PT-1 provides strong authentication for users accessing corporate networks with their Palm handheld devices. Furthermore, it provides the benefits of one-time password authentication without requiring the Palm user to carry an additional hardware device. Like CRYPTOCard's other tokens, the PT-1 has no predetermined expiration date and is a "one-time purchase" for the network security officer.

The new user interface for CRYPTOAdmin 4.1 incorporates enhanced management and control capabilities for network security administrators. The nested groups feature makes it easy for entire departments, divisions, or business units of users to be quickly accommodated as organizations make changes to their security policy. Administrators can now easily add more detailed user information and quickly find users by first or last name, department, or token serial number.

CRYPTOAdmin 4.1 offers CRYPTOAgent for Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT, Cisco System's PIX firewalls and ISDN connections. CRYPTOAgent automates the logon process for software tokens. Users simply enter their token credentials (ID and PIN) and are authenticated automatically, while challenge-response procedures occur in the background to ensure that passwords are unique, used only once, and immediately discarded. CRYPTOAdmin 4.1 includes the CRYPTOKit 4.1 toolkit, which allows independent software vendors and corporate developers to build this functionality directly into network security applications. With this, a software token simply "pops up" on web pages or while connecting to a VPN--making strong authentication as easy to use as static passwords.

CRYPTOAdmin 4.1 server runs on Windows NT, Linux, Solaris, AIX and FreeBSD and the client software runs on Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT, Linux, Solaris, AIX and FreeBSD.

CRYPTOAdmin 4.1, the KF-1, and the PT-1 will be available next month.

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