March 24, 2019

DistributionWatch Review: Progeny Linux beta 2 - page 2

Another move into services

  • January 24, 2001
  • By Michael Hall

Last Friday, Progeny released the second beta of its distribution. This release distinguished itself from the first beta in that it offered the option to download ISO images and execute a standalone install. Previously, Progeny had been available only as an upgrade to an existing Debian 2.2 (Potato) installation.

Users interested in performing a complete installation can download the ISO images from http://archive.progeny.com/images/. In addition to the image for a binaries CD, there are two images for source distribution CD's and a pair of floppy images in case your system can't boot from a CD.

Upgrading to Progeny Debian from an existing Debian 2.2 or a VA Linux "Slink-and-a-Half" system is accomplished by adding the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://archive.progeny.com progeny main contrib non-free

then executing the following commands:

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get -f dist-upgrade
  • apt-get install debconf
  • apt-get install task-progeny-potato-upgrade

The upgrade will run users through the usual file configuration as well as install a new kernel (2.2.18), which is made available after reboot.

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