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Addicted to Ubuntu? Try These 3 Distros!

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  • June 24, 2010
  • By Matt Hartley
Matt Hartley

No one can make the claim that Ubuntu isn't becoming the de facto Linux distro out there in the world today. It's becoming especially true when looking at those using Linux here in the States. For new and die-hard users alike, Ubuntu has all but captured the community.

Sadly, there is also a problem with watching Linux being tied to a single experience. Choice goes right out the window. The fact of the matter is that not everyone out there thinks that relying on a single distro is the way to go.

So thankfully, despite Ubuntu's success, there are some fantastic alternatives out there that fit the needs of most people. Simple to install, easy to use and all of them fit onto a LiveCD ��� no DVD downloads, thanks.

In no order of importance, here are my strongest Ubuntu alternative distros -- no, they���re not based on Ubuntu in any way.

1) Simply Mepis is Simply Fabulous

I consider Simply Mepis to be among the first distro to get it "right" for people looking for a no-hassle, stable experience with a generally consistent environment from release to release.

At its core, Simply Mepis is created to make things easy to use right out of the box for any Linux skill level. Despite being a KDE-only distro based on Debian, Mepis allows the end user to setup their network, video configuration and other settings from the Simple Mepis "assistants."

This is handy when you want to switch from the NVIDIA NV driver to a proprietary driver instead, yet wish to do so safely from...

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