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Redhat to give support contracts to Compaq

and Compaq to give fixes back to Redhat

October 19, 1999

A deal between Redhat and Compaq means that Compaq's Customer Services will be supporting RedHat Linux directly on its customers machines. Prior to this, the often lucrative support contracts went to Redhat when Compaq sold a machine with Redhat installed.

In the other direction, as Compaq comes up with fixes specific to Compaq machines when providing support to its customers, it will give the details to Redhat. Redhat will add the hanges to future Linux releases, so Linux should end up working even better on Compaq hardware...

In the press release Bob Young, chair and CEO of Red Hat, Inc said

"Compaq has one of the most powerful, worldwide call center support operations. This agreement combines Compaq's hardware and networking expertise and Red Hat's superior development expertise in open source software solutions"