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gnotebook: Two for the Web: gnobog and Encompass

We have a winner... sort of.

March 2, 2001

After an agonizing month, it's finally time to announce the winner of the "Name the GNOME Column Contest."

Despite the heartbreak of a DNS mis-propogation that left my ISP convinced that my work e-mail had to be spam, readers still managed to make it through with a lot of entries.

So... the winner of the contest is...


I read each of the entries, thought long and hard about each of them, and had a flash of my own. So the prize goes to the reader who came the closest, with "Gnotes": Brett Castleberry. Brett sent in almost 30 suggestions along with that one, which surely, at least, opened my eyes to the possibilities for words that start with "gn." Brett wins a Ximian monkey, CD, t-shirt, and hat.

"gnotebook" had the virtue of turning up only one place on a Google search: a 'blog someone had already declared dead, so I took it. Thanks to everybody who sent suggestions in, thanks to the Evolution development team for good searching tools, and 'virtual folders' feature that allowed me to put them all in one place for extended pondering. Here are a few of the best:

gnuggets, gnopsis, SyGnopsis, From the Gnome Office, Gnotable, Gnominal, Gnoise, Gnomeguinista, gnucklehead, Pillars of Gnowledge

There may be over a hundred in my inbox.

So with the column name out of the way, it was time to smack face first into the bleeding edge of browser development in the form of one of those rare Mozilla nightlies that just doesn't seem to work quite right. In this case, for about twelve hours, Mozilla wasn't acknowledging clicks of the "submit" button on web forms. Frustrating when you spend your entire work day clicking on the submit button, and even more aggravating when you meditate on the sheer dopiness of having built a script that just grabs the latest nightly an hour before you wake up every morning without any provisions for preserving your last, working install.

So I apt-got Netscape (noting, with a little amusement, that I hadn't bothered to include it in my most recent installation in the first place, so confident had I become of Mozilla's reliability) and set out to browse.

A problem immediately presented itself in the form of missing bookmarks. Actually, the problem presented itself in the form of no bookmarks at all. A quick check of another machine revealed a working .netscape directory so out of date I had a "hamster dance" page under "Hot Links!". So I had a non-working Mozilla with everything I've seen fit to bookmark since sometime around the thaw last year.

For the most part, Mozilla and Netscape seem to get along with switching bookmarks files back and forth, but the real problem I was facing wasn't so much in getting my Mozilla bookmarks into Netscape as it was the long-term problem of coordinating the two once Mozilla was back up and happy until the next bad nightly.

Enter gnobog.