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PJ and Groklaw: The Power of One Person and an Open Community

How One Person Can Do Big Deeds

March 31, 2010

The endless SCO saga is finally at an end, and justice has prevailed. But without Groklaw, would it have ended differently?

Let me rephrase that: it will probably continue to sputter and emit random gases, because the nice SCO leadership and their backers are masters of weaving grand propositions out of fantasy, and perpetuating their fantasies in the seemingly non-functional US civil courts system. But for all non-Bizarro world purposes it is over. The SCO vs. Novell verdict settles the key question of who owns the Unix copyrights. Answer: not SCO. I know, it's a little more complex than that because there are several Unix variants. But as far as SCO's silly claims against Linux, it is definitively over.

Those of us who followed this loony saga from the beginning are wondering: What would have happened if Pamela Jones and Groklaw had not taken an interest in this case? Would there have been any semblance of truth anywhere? I think not.

Cast your minds back to the beginning in 2003, when Groklaw was a few months old, and had moved from Radio UserLand to its current home on Ibiblio.org. Darl McBride was shooting off his mouth to anyone who would listen, spouting the craziest nonsense. The SCO Group were making novel claims like IBM was devaluing their business by stealing SCO's Unix code and infiltrating it into Linux, which transformed Linux from an inferior hobbyist's toy into an enterprise powerhouse that stole SCO's business...

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