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5 Excellent Linux Media Servers for the Enterprise

MediaTomb, Jinzora, Wizd

March 7, 2011

A good stout Linux media server has a home in the enterprise because it's a better tool than traditional file shares for storing, archiving, and sharing multimedia presentations.

You can share your music, videos, and photos on your network via regular folder shares, but using a media server gives you additional functionality and lets you stream to more devices. A Linux media server has a home in the enterprise because it's a superior tool for storing, archiving, and sharing company multimedia presentations.


Here are five different media servers that you can run on Linux machines:


MediaTomb is an open source UPnP media server, implementing the UPnP MediaServer V 1.0 specification, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It runs on x86, Alpha, ARM, MIPS, Sparc, and PowerPC with support for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Mac OS X.

MediaTomb lets you watch or listen to your media from UPnP compatible media players and devices. There's on-the-fly transcoding for converting content format not supported by the player or device. In addition to browsing and playing your media you can view their metadata, such as album and artist or photo details, with EXIF thumbnail support. You can even watch YouTube videos and create links to other Internet content to stream them via UPnP. You're also provided with a web interface where you can add/remove/edit/browse your media from your computer or device with a browser.

There are binary packages available for Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and several other distributions. MediaTomb has a highly flexible configuration, giving you� ample control of the server. They offer great documentation on compiling from source, customization, and the user interface.

Jinzora Media Server

This is an open source web-based media streaming and management system, written in PHP and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It can install on web servers supporting PHP in Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and other platforms. It can also be embedded in a content management system (CMS) or in another PHP-based application. Its Groupware feature even lets you create a social network or community to discuss, request, and rate content.

Jinzora's themeable web interface doesn't only let you play or stream your media. It serves as an online media library, letting you create play lists and organize, search, and rate content. Metadata is also supported. It even tries to download missing metadata, such as song lyrics, album covers and artist biographies. Content can be played directly from the web interface. It can also be accessed via an external software or hardware player using the Streaming mode or pushed out to a player with the Jukebox mode. Content can be transcoded or resampled to a media format or bit rate supported by the player.

For system requirements and installation help you can visit their help site.


Wizd is an open source media server for Syabas-based media players and is released under Public Domain license. It runs on Linux, Windows, and NAS platforms, requiring less than 10 MB of disk space. It streams to most media players with the Syabas middleware, including the following:

  • Buffalo LinkTheater
  • DigitalRise Xstream Player
  • H&B DNX-8620
  • I-O Data LinkPlayer
  • Omisys DVD PN210V
  • Pinnacle SC 200
  • Quartek I-Box 800
  • Quartek WHD-500
  • Snazio Net Cinema
  • Transgear DVX 500
  • Transgear DVX 700

From your media player you can browse your media through customizable skins. Thumbnail mode lets you easily preview your pictures and the bookmark feature lets you save your spot on MPEG movies. You can also read standard and ISO image DVD backups.