February 17, 2019

Linux Moving to Net Devices

Linux Reaches the Handheld Market

  • November 22, 1999
  • By Kevin Reichard
Two vendors say they will release wireless Linux-based tablet-sized handhelds for the home in the first half of 2000.

Reports AllNetDevices: "Qubit Technology selected the operating system for its namesake device because of its stability and because open source enables it to charge less for the device, according to Craig Slawson, Qubit's chief operating officer. He said he expects the magazine-sized device to cost end users about $350.

"Besides an embedded version of Linux, the device will have a Java virtual machine, a Netscape Gecko browsing engine and a user interface built with Macromedia Flash, Slawson said. It will have a 800 x 600 color LCD touchscreen, an infrared keyboard, 16MB of flash memory and 32MB of SDRAM....

"Norway's ScreenMedia will release FreePad, which will use standard household Internet connections including ISDN and cable hook-ups. It will be DECT-complaint, using a base station for wireless communications. DECT is a technology commonly used by cordless household phones."

You can read the full story here.

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