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DistributionWatch: Your Guide to Linux Distributions - page 3

Introducing Our Linux Distribution Guide

  • September 27, 2004
  • By Sean Michael Kerner

Alzza Linux
A Korean distribution based on Red Hat Linux.

Black Cat Linux
Designed by Leonid Kanter and Alexander Kanevskiy, Black Cat Linux is meant for Internet/Intranet servers, business workstations or a home multimedia system. We're including it under international distributions because there's an emphasis on Russian and Ukrainian language support, even though it's based on Red Hat Linux. It includes kernel 2.2.11, glibc 2.1.1, XFree86-3.3.5 with KOI8-U and TrueType support, GNOME 1.0.7, KDE 1.1.2 with KOI8-U support and Netscape Communicator 4.61.

Caixa M�gica
A Portuguese-language distribution, based on Debian, this project started as an entry in the 2000 Mil�nio Sagres/Expresso Contest. The main goal for this project is to allow a normal user, with basic knowledge, to install Linux in an Intel PC or in a PC server, with common hardware acquired at any computer store. The end result should be a solid Linux box without significant software acquisition or installation costs and mainly without dificulties in equipment maintenance and configuration. That's why it's called "Caixa M�gica," which means "Wonder Box" or "Magic Box."

Conectiva Linux
Distributed in Spanish, Portuguese (Brazillian), and English, Conectiva Linux (based on Red Hat Linux) has a large userbase in South America, particularly Brazil. It's user base is growing into Asia, North America, and Europe as well. In addition, Conectiva Linux publishes Spanish- and Portuguese-language magazines for Linux users. Conectiva is available for the Intel, Alpha, and IBM mainframe platforms.

Definite Linux
Based in the United Kingdom and sold as a shrinkwrapped distribution with a CD-based collection of additional documentation and StarOffice 5.1, Definite Linux is based on RedHat 6.0 and includes a number of small enhancements, such as ISDN support.

DLD Linux
This German-language distribution, with the most recent version 6.01, includes kernel 2.2.3, Accelerated-X, IRDA and PCMCIA, support, KDE 1.1, DLD-specific documentation, StarOffice 5.0 Personal Edition, Netscape Communicator 4.08, XFree86, Samba and more. It's based on Red Hat Linux.

Easy Linux
This German distribution features kernel 2.2.12, XFree 3.3.5, KDE 1.1.2, and glibc (libc6). It's based on KDE and Qt and includes StarOffice 5.1a, Netscape Communicator 4.7 and 30-day eval copies of Applixware and VMware.

Esware Linux
Esware Linux is a Spanish-language distribution for the South American Linux market.

Eurielec Linux is a Spanish-language distribution based on Red Hat Linux. A Castilian version is planned.

KSI Linux
This Ukrainian and Russian distribution features 2.x kernels and a host of localized applications.

KW Linux
This Thai-language distribution has been recently updated.

Laser5 6.0
Laser5 Linux is reportedly the best-selling Linux in Japan, according to press releases issued by Laser Co. Ltd. It's based on Red Hat Linux and features both the GNOME and KDE interfaces, along with a complete translation of both into Japanese. CEO Kubota is grateful.

This is a German-language distribution of Linux for the PowerPC processor.

The Linux Schoolnet Internet Server (version 3.1) is used in Thai schools and is available to the general public as well. It's based on Slackware Linux 3.9.0 and kernel 2.0.37, and includes Thai Language Support, a host of standard server tools (database tools, development languages, Squid proxy server, Roxen and Apache Web servers, samba, DHCP-2.0) and more.

This is a Spanish-language distribution curiously guarded by a secure gateway.

This is a German distribution with ties to Caldera.

Plamo Linux
Plamo Linux is a Japanese distribution based on Slackware Linux. The latest version, 2.0, features Linux kernel 2.2.10, PCMCIA 3.0.13, and XFree86 3.3.4.

Power Linux
This Korean distribution is based on Red Hat Linux and designed for power users wishing to set up Web servers.

SOT Linux
Direct from the homeland of Linux Torvalds, the distribution (formerly known as Best Linux) from SOT Finnish Software Engineering is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English Based on Red Hat Linux.

Turkuaz is a product from Turkce Linux Dagitimi, the Turkish Linux Distribution organization.

Vedova Linux
Vedova offers a series of Italian-based products based on Debian GNU/Linux, including a workstation product, a server version and a Linux implementation designed for embedded systems.

Vine Linux
Vine Linux is based on Red Hat Linux 5.2. It features a Japanese locale capability using glibc2, displays Japanese messages for each command, provides a Japanese installer and includes Japanese applications and manuals written in the vernacular.

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