February 23, 2019

GNOME 1.2: A Giant GUI Leap - page 4

Introducing GNOME 1.2

  • May 30, 2000
  • By Michael Hall

GNOME has traveled a long way in two years.

For much of that time, the "line" in the community was that new users were better off sticking to KDE, which had the lead in polish and stability for a long time. GNOME was often denigrated as a hacker's toy, and certainly nothing to put a new user in front of.

Happily, that should be changing. GNOME 1.2 is remarkably easy to install, runs well, and gives users about everything they might want from a desktop environment. The applications included are of high quality and flesh out the user experience nicely.

The weak spots in the environment, e-mail and the file manager, are currently the focus of development by Eazel (with its Nautilus file manager) and Helix Code (who just made a prerelease of the Evolution mailer/calendar available for developers). In addition, the GNOME Office Suite is beginning to take shape with AbiWord, Gnumeric, and Dia.

Though some might want to turn the parallel development of GNOME and KDE into a horse race of some sort, we tend to view this latest release as ongoing proof that the Linux community now has at least two Open Source environments that have earned their place on any user's desktop.

The scores of GNOME developers are to be congratulated on an excellent release that points to nothing but a bright future for their project.

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