February 23, 2019

.comment: XFce: The Little Desktop That Could - page 4

Installation and Configuration

  • June 7, 2000
  • By Dennis E. Powell

The more I play around with XFce, the more I see how it could be viewed as the ideal desktop by Linux veterans and serious newbies alike. The veterans could, not without justification, see the big, elaborate desktops as eyecandy and insulation from ever having to learn much about Linux. New users will find nothing here beyond their abilities, but will in the course of things get a good sense of the underlying system. Those who absolutely despise Windows will find nothing in XFce that reminds them of the hated product possessed by those who are computer owners, not computer users. OS/2 refugees will find a certain familiarity in the application drawers. There are really few Linux users who could not be comfortable with XFce--it might not be their first choice, but they would certainly learn to live with it and perhaps in time to love it.

I'll go back to my beloved KDE now, but if for some reason KDE ceased to do what I need, or I were forced to use a low-resource machine, I'd be back to XFce in a heartbeat.

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