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Connecting with GNOME Mail Clients - page 5

An Overview of GNOME Mail Clients

  • June 19, 2000
  • By Michael Hall

Project Homepage: http://www.tradeclient.org/index.shtml

The Bynari Tradeclient package (currently at version 0.2) is a mailer and calendar program released under the LGPL, built with the GTK toolkit, and another package you don't hear a lot about in general discussions. Since the program isn't mentioned on the GNOME software map, it may seem inappropriate to cover it here. On the other hand, the level of GNOME integration demonstrated by the excellent Mahogany is no higher. Those looking for a mail client that matches the general look of their GNOME desktop, in other words, may want to look at this package, even if it isn't integrated with GNOME.

Tradeclient, unlike the other entries, is designed around POP3 support alone. Though IMAP support is pending, there's no indication that the development team plans to include support for mbox or MH mail files, or traditional UNIX mail spools. Despite the lack of breadth in transport support, Tradeclient still manages to distinguish itself as a good client that most Outlook users would feel at home with in pretty short order.

It features flexible address book support (allowing for multiple address books) and an easy enough right-click option to add an address from a message. The filter support is basic, but solid.

We found the program easy enough to use and reliable. We liked the fact that we could create signatures for each POP account we set up. With three different POP servers to deal with, and three distinctly different sets of correspondents as a result, we liked the ability to compartmentalize our "mail faces."

Finally, Tradeclient includes a useful calendar element that allows users to send meeting requests much like other corporate PIM packages. It's clear that the eventual goal of Tradeclient is to allow shared calendaring functionality. In the meantime, the calendar works fine "standalone," and may be just the ticket for people who like that sort of integration.

With the exception of the limited mail delivery options, we were generally pleased with Tradeclient. We're curious to see how the project shapes up, especially in the face of the higher-profile Evolution project, which is positioning itself for the same market.

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