February 20, 2019

Is Linux Difficult to Use? - page 2


  • May 29, 1999
  • By James Andrews

Linux was developed as an operating system from scratch to be lightweight and to run fast. In its early revisions there were no commercial pressures to release improvements. This means that Linux has had a chance to develop a very stable base. It may seem amazing that an operating system written by volunteer effort would be better than something made by a commercial organization, but in the case of Linux results show for themselves. In terms of hours spent on development, Linux software is probably the winner. Spending the time is the way to create a quality product, and Linux comes up trumps in this department.

The Multi-Tasking Advantage of Linux

Some of the advantages that Linux offers, for instance "Posix Conformance" and "Traffic Shaping", are difficult to explain and understand. What you can see at a glance though is the speed of the system. Linux is fast to do things and it can do many things at once. The machine doesn't lock up while files are deleted or a floppy disk is being formatted even on a cheap low end PC. Because Linux can do many things at once efficiently the user can get more done. Getting more done in less time is what usability is all about.

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