March 21, 2019

From the Desktop: Dealing with the Dark Side - page 3

Peace in Our Time

  • August 4, 2000
  • By Brian Proffitt

Using the Samba sever is another excellent way of connecting to Windows PCs that you might be networked to. I could go on and on explaining how to set this up, but someone else has already done so--in a very concise way. I strongly recommend you go out and read the Samba series of help files written by Ying Zhang. They are well written and easy to follow.

After you get done setting up Samba using these articles (or any other method you choose), I have one further suggestion: make a copy of these six files in the /etc directory:

  • inetd.conf
  • hosts
  • lmhosts
  • host.deny
  • host.allow
  • smb.conf

Save these files on a floppy, or on another partition or machine. That way, if you every reinstall another version of Linux on your machine, all you need to do is reinstall the Samba server, create the smb group, the smbuser, and the public and data directories. The you can just copy over these six files to your /etc directory and you're all set. Trust me, it saves quite a bit of typing, especially in the smb.conf file.

Now go in peace, and work together with your fellow operating systems and make the world a nicer place.

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