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Test Suite Heralds SGI's Growing Involvement with Linux - page 2

Testing Linux

  • August 13, 2000
  • By Dennis E. Powell

SGI's presence at Linux World will be enormous, literally: among the demonstrations will be realtime rendering of Tux, the Linux mascot, snowboarding in a music video, all powered by a highly unusual cluster.

"We're going to be bringing a cluster of 128 processors with full RAID disks and everything, and we're bringing a display, a unique display from SGI, 50 feet wide," says Amy Chung, director of software marketing at SGI. "It has three pipes, but you can span one screen across all three pipes. We are actually marrying our Irix technology and our Linux technology in this particular demonstration."

The head node will be an SGI Onyx graphics rendering box, with Linux running on the other processors.

"This is no canned demonstration--we brought the 128 processors to do real compute there," Chung said. The cluster will be wrung out in a number of other, business and science-oriented, demonstrations as well.

The company will also be showing Linux-based appliance servers, plus Linux workstations, and an eight-chip cluster system.

"The workstation people hate me for saying this," said Chung, "but we have the hottest Quake machine out there because of our fast graphics."

Chung said that the company will be making some announcements at Linux World that are likely to delight the Open Source community as well as SGI's customers. This will include ways of making Open GL more happily accessible to developers, as a follow-on to the tools already released.

"We'll also be announcing new graphical user interfaces," she said.

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