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Net Returns: Linux and Netware - page 2

A Neglected Link

  • December 22, 2000
  • By William Wong

Martin Stovers has developed a relatively complete emulation of a Netware 3.x server for Linux. Updates have not been available for quite a while, but the 0.99 version of the MARS-NWE (Martin Stovers Netware Emulator) can be found in a number of places on the Internet, including the original website at http://www.compu-art.de/mars_nwe/. The main limitation for most users is that the site is in German. RPM versions of MARS-NWE can also be found on the Internet. There is even a configuration utility called SMArT available at http://www.lintux.cx/smart.html. The utility modifies the nwserv.conf file used by the server daemon. MARS-NWE provides file and print services to Netware clients. The server appears as a Netware 3.x server and can be managed using standard Netware 3.x utilities. MARS-NWE does not support Netware Loadable Modules (NLM), which run on Netware 3.x servers to provide services such as tape backup support. In general, this package may be an alternative if an existing Netware 3.x server needs to be replaced or a Netware 3.x server needs to be added to an existing Netware network. Novell is on Netware 5.x; that is well past Netware 3.x, which has been discontinued.

Netware NDS
Linux has a Netware NDS client. Caldera used to sell a version of Linux that provided Netware 4.x server-compatible support but this was discontinued. It was marketed at the same price as Netware 4.x and was not able to run Netware Loadable Modules (NLM) so there was little reason to use it, especially since Novell also started including IP-based services such as web servers. Netware 3.x clients can be used in a limited fashion with NDS servers, but in general it is preferable to use an NDS-compatible client.

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