February 16, 2019

Penguins Over the Wires: X Servers for Windows - page 4

Going with X on the Network

  • January 12, 2001
  • By Michael Hall

Running your X apps on a Windows desktop may not seem like the most useful thing, but for people who have managed to sneak Linux machines in under their desks or simply have a variety of platforms to maintain, spread out over a wide area, the advantages are clear. X apps running over a decent network are also faster than the other remote GUI tool, xvncviewer, unless your X desktop is a fairly simple affair.

For the casually interested, willing to put up with a few limitations and spend a little more time tweaking the font installation, the MI/X X package is a great solution. At $25, it's cheap enough even for people who don't mind the thought of walking down to the server room and it's a steal for the truly lazy or anyone who wants GUI tools from afar.

The WinaXe package, on the other hand, costs $90. Since the binaries never expire, even unregistered, if you just do small amounts of work or peek in on remote machines for short periods of time, it may be unbeatable since it's effectively free of charge if you can put up with having to restart it every thirty minutes. It's also very configurable and fits onto a Windows desktop seamlessly.

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