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From the Desktop: Special Big Apple Edition - page 2

Suits and the Linux ethos

  • February 3, 2001
  • By Brian Proffitt

One of the comments I heard was the BSD booth was not happy about the amount of foot traffic they got this year. This despite having a huge walk-through area in a central spot. Maybe it was because the BSD Girls were not so scantily clad this year as last.

On the other hand, BSD certainly won the most creative advertising award. By printing their logo on the backs of everyone's ID badges, invariably over half the time a person's badge would swirl on its necklace to display the logo instead of the person's name.

Shopping the Linux Way

One of the neater products I saw this year was the Vshop e-commerce solution from intraDAT. This German company has come up with a pretty cool solution managing an e-commerce site from a Linux platform. Aimed at businesses from small-to-medium size all the way up to enterprise-level shopping sites, Vshop can interface with SAP and EDI interfaces, and has a pretty nifty set of session, customer, and inventory management tools.

These Are The Voyages...

If I heard one buzzword more than any other this week, it had to be "enterprise level." Which is actually two words, but you get the point. The funny thing was, even while everyone was jazzed about putting Linux at the enterprise level, no two people could give me the same definition of what the heck they meant by enterprise.

Quoth the Raven

Speaking of jazzed up, this was a sensation that was distinctly absent from this year's New York conference, as opposed to the San Jose shindig, which was described to me as far more "wild." Maybe our New York hosts were still smarting from getting beat by Baltimore. Next year: more rock bands!

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