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A polite debate

  • February 9, 2001
  • By Michael Hall

There's an unfortunate lack of creative zest around the LinuxPlanet headquarters of late, and we've run into a snag.

Every good column needs a name, and what's particularly vexing about the whole "column about GNOME" thing is that we were struggling mightily to find the whole "g" or "gn" angle that really makes something GNOME-related complete.

Some ideas so far:

  • gnomenclature (but IBM already has a column called that)
  • gnosis
  • gnostic
  • gnomic
  • Waiting for Gnodot
  • Polygnomial
  • "gn... gn... gn..."
So, we're stuck and the only way out is to have a contest.

Ximian has kindly donated some swag: a CD of their latest release, a Ximian hat, a Ximian shirt, and a plush monkey. The hat, I'm told, is a rare one indeed, and not many have been given out. The plush monkey is very nice, and the CD is great for folks stuck with low bandwidth.

So, until we have a good title, the offer's open: mail me with your suggestions for a column name, and a hand-picked panel of LinuxPlanet luminaries will assist in picking the winner, who will get a smallish box with four bits of Ximian fun.

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