February 17, 2019

The StartX Files: X Is For Xim--Just Kidding, It's For Xfce

More fish in the sea

  • February 20, 2001
  • By Brian Proffitt

Quite a few people asked me if I was going to comment on the whole Ximian/KDE/ad war brouhaha this week. Of course, I would be lying if I said I did not have some choice comments on the situation. But I think I will keep them to myself for now.

This is not out of some fear of getting flamed--goodness knows I have little fear for that. Frankly, if I set my mail filters for keeping out letters with the words "idiot" or "stark raving mad" in them, the only mail I would get would be spam selling Viagra.

No, the reason for my forbearance is quite simple: this is the last article in my alphabetical examination of the different window managers, and I see no sense in delaying it for a diatribe on the pros and cons of just two environments. When I first kicked off this series in September last year, I made mention of this very point.

"GNOME and KDE are not the only fish in the sea, of course. There are other X environments and window managers to be found," I had written in the metaphor of the day, which apparently was written after watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

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