April 25, 2019

What's New Under the Sun? Sun's Love Affair With Linux - page 5

A Little Bit of History

  • May 17, 2002
  • By Bill von Hagen

Sun wouldn't be the number one pure Unix hardware and software company if they weren't able to read the writing on the wall. Embracing and integrating Linux into their existing hardware offerings and increasing support for Linux applications makes Sun's high-end server and storage hardware more attractive in enterprise environments. Their existing investment in Solaris is similarly viable, at least for the short term, because Linux compatibility is largely guaranteed. Through freely available software such as Java and OpenOffice and Sun's commitment to GNOME, Sun remains a good citizen in the Linux world. Sun's new pro-Unix stance isn't all that different from their previous anti-Microsoft stance except that it makes allies (at least tangentially) of Linux users.

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