February 17, 2019

Making Linux Sing - page 3

The Drivers: OSS and ALSA

  • July 2, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

If you prefer to work at the command line, then Ecasound (http://eca.cx/) might be more your speed. Ecasound is a multi-track sound processing tool that handles a wide range of audio inputs, outputs, and effects. To try this program, go to the Web site, and click on the Download link. Then either go to the latest Stable Series listing and get the source to compile, or grab the appropriate platform-specific package.

If you get the RPM version, then once you've downloaded it, type

rpm --rebuild ecasound-*

and go do something else for a while, the RPM handler has to build a set of four new RPM's to go with your particular layout. Once the compilation finally finishes, note the location given in the Wrote: output statement, and change to that directory. Then type

rpm ivh *

to install all four of the files there, or if you happen to have a bunch of files there that aren't related, type

rph ivh eca* pye*

Once you've got the installation completed, go to the documentation at http://www.wakkanet.fi/~kaiv/ecasound/Documentation/ and give the package a try.

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