March 24, 2019

Using the InterMezzo Distributed Filesystem - page 4

Getting Connected in a Disconnected World

  • August 12, 2002
  • By Bill von Hagen

Installing and using InterMezzo requires at least two computers running Linux, one to act as an InterMezzo file server, and at least one to act as a client of that server. For optimal experimentation with InterMezzo, you should have a un-used partition on the server and on each client, which will serve as the main InterMezzo filesystem and the client's local cache, respectively. Since few of the laptops that I've ever used have had spare filesystems sitting around, the instructions in the next few sections also explain how to use a loopback filesystem as a client cache when experimenting with InterMezzo, but an actual filesystem is much more robust and therefore preferable.

Installing and using InterMezzo and related software packages requires the following:

InterSync depends on the glib2 package, and also requires headers provided with ghttpd. If you have to build InterSync, you should build and install ghttpd first so that InterSync can find the mandatory header files. If you are building InterSync, a directory or symbolic link named /usr/src/linux must exist that points to or contains the kernel source code on your system. InterSync also requires header files from your Linux kernel distribution.

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