February 16, 2019

iCanProgram.com--A Story of Success, Sadness, and the Spirit of Open Source - page 2

Making a Gift

  • August 23, 2002
  • By Rob Reilly

The story of iCanProgarm.com started on a trip to a ski resort 2 hours north of Toronto in a town called Collingwood. Phillips and her husband Wilf had invited the Findlays to their condo at the ski resort, but the weekend of hitting the slopes had been a complete bust due to the rainy weather.

Nonetheless, everyone was upbeat and celebrating the news of an excellent cancer checkup for Phillips.

"We were celebrating that cancer news over a wonderful dinner and wine. During the course of conversation, I mentioned a Tcl/Tk tutorial that I was working on with my nephew Scott. The conversation flowed, as it often does when getting together with teachers, to the state of education in Ontario", Findlay said.

"I jokingly made the statement that Linda and I should team up and take the Tcl/Tk tutorial to the schools. Everyone laughed ... and the conversation moved on to other topics." he said.

It wasn't until a few days later that Findlay received a call from Phillips asking whether the "joke idea" actually might work. Despite the good cancer checkup, Phillips had been toying with the idea of retiring from her teaching early and dabbling in some education-related consulting.

"That is how iCanProgram was born" Findlay related.

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