February 16, 2019

Grid Computing Oracle Style

Oracle, Linux, and The Grid

  • February 6, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

Oracle has been at the forefront of database technology for a long time. The have also embraced the Linux environment in a big way. Now they've gone a step further, developing industrial strength database applications that run on clusters of commodity blade servers or grids. As we will see, they have produced bulletproof, scalable systems that should warm the heart of any CIO.

Benny Souder is Vice President of Oracle Distributed Database Development. In a recent interview, he talked about Oracle's 9i product, the Linux-based grid platform, and ways that the combination benefit the customers.

"Oracle is focused on all aspects of data management. Specifically how to make data available and how Oracle 9i can help clients," Souder said.

"The main idea behind a grid is that it is thought of as a utility. Much like the electrical utility grid. The client and user don't necessarily know where the computers or data reside or how it got there, just that it is available with high reliability. Power company customers don't necessarily know where their electricity comes from. Many tasks go on behind the scene (in both industries) to make the resources available, any time, any where," Souder continued. He called the concept "virtualization."

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