February 17, 2019

Grid Computing Oracle Style - page 4

Oracle, Linux, and The Grid

  • February 6, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

How's this for trust in the technology... Oracle uses the Oracle Grid to design and write the Oracle database code itself. There are about 8 million lines of code that make up the Oracle 9i database. The Grid that manages all that code runs on 1300 blade server nodes. Cost savings of 90% were realized using this hardware setup as opposed to other solutions. Think of how credible the Oracle staff should be by depending on their own tools.

Support for the Oracle Grid is via vendor supplied assistance and the Oracle Tech Network. The Tech Network is like the Linux development community in that forums and mail lists are used for feedback and collaboration. Go to the Oracle Tech Network for information and downloads on Oracle's product lines.

Souder concluded, "Oracle is proud to offer products that are fully tested and ready to integrate into production."

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