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Gordano Messaging Suite: Early, Current Support for Linux Platform - page 2

And Linus Just Wanted to Make a Better Minux...

  • March 6, 2003
  • By Brian Proffitt

NTMail is now the Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS), in deference to its multi-platform functionality. Besides Linux and Windows, GMS operates on Solaris and AIX.

The server itself is a pretty interesting piece of software, as it contains a lot of different messaging services for clients, including instant messaging, e-mail, and even a calendar service. There is also integrates SMS capability providing messaging to cell phone clients.

What's truly impressive about GMS is its load capacity: 10,000 clients per server, without even breaking an electronic sweat. Gordano, when it was still performing such services, used the server to handle the huge mailing lists for the Financial Times without any problems. This was augmented by the ability GMS has to connect to a variety of databases to generate customized mailings.

Gordano has long maintained a turn-key mentality for its product line across all platforms. Their philosophy is simple: install, configure a few things, then get to work. They've maintained this axiom for the Linux product as well, as everything-but-the-kitchen-sink is contained within the base server application. This includes anti-virus, anti-spam, and even Web proxy software.

For Gordano, the decision to move to Linux back in 1998 was a pretty simple one. Having finally ported NTMail to UNIX two years prior, the newly-engineered messaging suite was pretty close to being Linux-ready already.

"We wanted to be platform-independent," Dorricott explained, and NTMail's configuration made it a good fit across all UNIX-like platforms.

"We looked at the landscape [in 1998]," explained Gordano Technology Director Ray Warren, "and our abstraction layer meant that we could migrate to Linux without a 'drastic' development overhead.

"As time went by, we realized that we had made the right decision," Warren added.

Gordano is using Linux and the rest of its platforms to expand an already impressive customer base that includes Lockheed-Martin, NASA, and the U.S. Army. GMS's new instant messaging and SMS capabilities are the icing on the cross-platform cake.

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